PEP Treadmills

Quality Treadmills for Equine Therapy & Conditioning

Keep your horses healthy and help them recover from stress or injuries with a state-of-the-art treadmill from PEP Pine Grove Equine Products. Our equine treadmills can offer numerous benefits to your horses and help you save on veterinary and medical bills. Choose one of our standard treadmills or get a custom build and design with your logo on it!

Our equine treadmills will offer exercise therapy and conditioning for your horse to help them build muscle tone and stronger tissue, as well as improve their immune system to keep them healthy. If you have an injured horse, you can rehabilitate them with equine therapy and exercise on our treadmills.

Our treadmills use the latest technology and have quiet motors so that they don’t cause any excess stress on injured horses. Our equine products are made with high-quality steel parts and come with warranties.