Team Camarillo Eastern Classic 2022


Join us September 23-25, 2022

Located at:
C Bar C Expo Center

253 Stardust Rd,

Cloverdale, IN 46120

Registrations are *Per Horse/Per Rider.  See event page for rules and information.



To ride in the Classic you must have first attended a previous clinic or be invited by a clinic person.

Numbers Only.

Please verify the mailing address, winnings will be mailed to this address. TT Barrel Productions is not responsible for address errors or riders not receiving winnings.

Target Barrel Race: Open to all riders. Most consistent runs between 2 days wins a Farmtek timer system.
Appreciation Barrel Race: Open to any contestant who has ridden in 5 or more Classics. Winner receives Montana Silversmith buckle.

May be purchased in advance, available upon arrival. Shavings available for purchase day of show as well.

Stall fee is per horse, NOT PER NIGHT.

Who do you want to be stalled with, if applicable?

Thursday Arrival-$90.00 (3nights)
Friday Arrival-$60.00 (2 nights)
If you are staying Sunday night for nationals, you are required to pay for the night.

Please buy these in advance of show, I will not have many to buy at the show. 1 ticket PER PERSON, you do NOT have to be entered in the classic to join.
Meal is provided, ticket is your meal ticket. Raffle and door prizes awarded throughout the night.

Each Classic Go is allowed to rollover to the Fun & Fast Times Open Jackpot on Friday or Saturday. You must select the Fun & Fast Times Class above for your rollover to be entered.

Riders Session

By entering into a sale with TT Barrel Productions LLC you acknowledge and agree to all terms, conditions and show rules. NO REFUNDS unless horse vet’s out. Any returned check/payment will incur a $50 fee. Any and all fees must be paid in full prior to September 10, 2022 to participate in the event.